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Lisa Brestel

Born in 1984 I was raised in the burgeoning geek culture. I grew up watching Star Trek over dinner, reading Dragonlance books, playing Atari and Nintendo, and attending every Renaissance Faire I could find. In high school I was introduced to Anime, Dungeons and Dragons, and Cosplay. For my graduation gift I got to build my own PC. I have spent too many years on World of Warcraft and have rejoiced with every new LotR, Marvel, and Star Wars movie that released.

My art career began in kindergarten (drawing My Little Ponies, of course) and these pastimes inspired wild and creative fantasy pieces through the years. In college I took every art class available and graduated with a degree in Multimedia and Design. Despite my art winning several awards locally, it was challenging to push my hobby into being a career. For my day job I work at Joann Fabric and Crafts in the Custom Framing department and I enjoy working with beautiful art of all styles and archivally preserving them. I take framing standards into consideration when I create my art so I can bring you the best quality work that you can enjoy for years to come.

Art and geek culture will forever be a passion of mine, and I want to share and celebrate it with you!

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