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Status: OPEN

Ever wanted to see you favorite character immortalized in art? I offer quality digital renditions custom made for you.  

What I can/will do

Original Characters


Monsters and Mythical Beasts


What I can not/will not do

Cannon Characters





To commission me please send me an email with "Commission" in the subject line. Please include a brief description (try to limit it to a paragraph please), any reference images you have, a short idea for posing/expression (if any) and 3 keywords (and only 3 please) to describe personality.  

To get the most accurate look, please fill out my Character Appearance Survey and Equipment Appearance Survey.  

By commissioning me you agree to my Terms of Service. See my Terms of Service for more details

Pricing Samples

Full Illustration

$300+  Contact me for details

Full Body

Waist Up


Terms of Service

Anchor 1

Prices are in USD.

Only Paypal is accepted.

50% down is due to begin the project.

Work In Progress previews will be shared for approval at the sketch stage and flat color stage. Major changes will require additional fees. Once approved there will be no more revisions.


Watermarked version will be shown before final payment. After final payment is processed you will receive a clean high res digital file.


If you need to cancel your commission for any reason you will receive a partial refund depending on how much of the work has already been completed.


If I have to cancel your commission you will receive a full refund.

Commission production time is estimated to be about a month, depending on complexity and my workload. Full Illustrations will take longer, contact me for details.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

You and I will share the copyright to the product. Meaning I own the work, and you own the intellectual property. I will not sell your IP without your permission and you will not sell my work without my permission.


I reserve the right to use your product for the sole purpose of promoting my work by including it in my portfolio and advertising.


You are welcome to use my art for any personal/nonprofit purpose.


Referencing or editing my work is acceptable only if it is to be used for personal purposes and I am credited for the original content.

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